How to be a Healthy Call Center Agent

There are a lot of unhealthy practices that you might acquire as you work in a call center, and these practices can be potential habit. Although, most of your colleagues are doing those so-called “unhealthy” habits and lifestyle, if you want to keep your health at bay (which will keep you fit to work always), then you might consider following these simple tips.

Get enough and proper sleep. If you are assigned on the graveyard shift, it is really best if you go straight home after work to get some sleep. Small talks for an hour with colleagues over with cups of coffee is not entirely a bad idea, though. Just make sure that you get enough sleep so that you have the required energy for the next shift’s work. Remember what the professionals always say: people should get 7-8 hours of regular sleep.

Bring packed food. Eating out once in a while is good, but if you are on the graveyard shift, your food choices are fairly limited. Most of the time, you have to settle down for fast foods and convenience stores which offer foods that are unhealthy as can be. So to avoid acquiring lifestyle diseases, it is highly recommended to bring packed lunch with you. That way, you can be sure that the food you’re eating is safe and healthy.

Increase your water intake. Increased water intake would not only keep you hydrated during work, but it will also help your blood to circulate properly during the eight hours that you are just sitting and taking calls. Furthermore, drinking water would lubricate your throat and soothe it for the long hours of talking. Just be careful not drink cold water to avoid sore throat. Always keep in mind that your job relies on your voice so take care of it.

Avoid smoking areas. Even if all of your colleagues are in the smoking area, avoid going with them, especially if you are a non-smoker. This will keep you from trying to smoke. Studies say second hand smoke is actually worse.

Take vitamins and supplements. Although this is not essential, this is something that can help you boost your health and immune system. Call center job attracts a lot of diseases if you’re not careful, so better have you body equipped with certain protections against them.

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