How to Rock that Call Center Interview

You might be fretting about that call you just received, saying that you are asked to appear to that call center company where you applied, because you are listed for the final interview. This is one of the most crucial parts of your employment because this would determine if you are in or out for training (there will be the same situation after the training days). Of course, you would want to prepare for this big day, since this will make or break your career in the call center industry. Don’t know where to start? Here are some tips.

Choose your outfit carefully. Although you might have seen a lot of people working in call centers sporting t-shirt-and-jeans attire, keep in mind that you are not yet part of the family. Therefore, you are still recommended to wear smart casual attire. It may not be required, but everyone knows what impression you could give to people through power dressing.

Be yourself. This is the most basic tip, yet the most effective. You don’t have to project an image like you’re super smart and can do anything (although, sometimes that also works). Admit it, it will be much easier to carry on if you are just being yourself.

Listen carefully to the questions and answer in a straightforward and honest manner. You don’t want your interviewer get annoyed because you keep on asking him to repeat his question. You might also want to avoid the use of word “honestly”, “actually” and other related words, and also, minimize your “uhhmm” and “ahhh”. Go directly to speak what is on your mind and don’t make it seem like you are still thinking about your answer.

Be confident. Again, one of the basics, but extremely effective. Being confident defines the entirety of you, and your interviewer should be able to feel it. Not so confident about your English and grammar? Don’t worry about it. The technicalities would not be counted against you in this stage, what counts this early is what you’re saying and the way you said them.

These are just simple tips, and you might have already encountered all of them. However, these are tips that actually work, and they can help you in nailing that interview. Again, you don’t have to be someone else just to pass. All you have to do is keep calm and believe that the job is already yours.

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