Perks & Benefits in Call Center Companies

You might have been wondering if there is more that call centers can offer to their employees. Aside from the impressive compensation and benefits package, there are also some other perks that call center employees can get, that a person with a regular job may not get from a regular company.
So what are these perks? Let’s take a look at them.

HMO package. This can be offered to some other private companies and sectors, but this is definitely famous in call centers. Aside from the mandated PhilHealth, you are also entitled to an HMO card membership, which is supposed to cover your hospitalization if in any case something happens to you health-wise. This HMO package includes medical and dental benefits and is extended to eligible family members.

Health supplements. Some companies provide sustenance health supplements on a monthly basis to their employees. Working in the call center can jeopardize your health so this is something extra from the company to keep your health at bay.

Company outings and team outings/buildings. Again, this might be something that other regular private companies could offer, but this is also very common in call centers. Company paid trips and holiday getaways are the companies’ one way of giving back their employees all the hard work and dedication they did for the companies’ growth and profit.

Once a month spa treatment. Yes, there are call center companies that give out this perk. All you have to do is present your company ID to be able to take advantage of a relaxing day at a day spa. Your company might have a particular branch of day spa preferred, though, so be sure to check your company’s manual of perks.

Car loan. Who doesn’t not want to own a car these days, when monster traffic in Manila is just so unbearable? Most call center companies offer car loans to their employees, although it might be depending on some employee factors like tenure, position in the company or how much you are earning every month.

School loan. Yes, there are also call center companies that offer loans their employees who are didn’t have the opportunity to finish schooling, and give them the opportunity to go back to school.

These are just some of the that you get to enjoy once you start working as a call center agent. Some companies may not offer this, but there might also be some that offers all of them.

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