Your PA service will take some or all your calls.


We are there when you cant or don’t want to be.


The sky is the limit. Get a local number or pick from numbers worldwide


We can send you your important call details where you want them.


We can answer in multiple languages and then send you messages in the language you need.


We have packages to suit everyone, sign up for our free trial and enjoy your first X calls for free


We have made having your own PA (Personal Answering) service easy and affordable.
You no longer have to stress about being busy or taking time off. Click for pricing or start trial today.


If any of the following sounds like you then this is the perfect service for you;

  • Do you constantly miss calls?
  • Do you have important advertising running?
  • Do you wish you can sometimes turn your phone off and have a break?
  • Do you waste a lot of time on the phone?
  • Do you want to prioritise your calls?

About Us

Answer My Calls is a phone and digital solution provider that has seen the need in the market to assist business owners and executives make better use of their time.

We are dedicated to creating services that help you focus on your priorities.

Got an idea? Get in touch!

  • Call Transfer to You

    When you choose to be “available for call transfer,” as opposed to selecting “do not disturb”, our receptionists will use your “Find Me” numbers (home office, mobile, office extension, hotel room, etc.) to locate you and introduce the call. Based on your preference/availability, our receptionist will either transfer the call to you or take a message.

  • Message Handling

    If you are unavailable, don’t wish to take a call or on a status of “Do Not Disturb”, your friendly receptionist takes a message and you receive it immediately via email and/or SMS, based on each staff member or department’s preference.

  • Call Transfer to a Colleague

    Calls may be transferred to a colleague or department (i.e. Sales, Accounts, Support), using a phone number directory, as you instruct.

  • Information Provided to Caller

    Our receptionists can also provide callers with the information you place on file about your business (i.e. what your business does, company website, postal or street address, directions to your location, fax number and, if you are away, when you expect to return).


Take our service for a test drive and see what it can do for you. When you just need your phone answered. Never miss a call or message with a dedicated phone number and answering service and give your business a professional front with fully trained qualified receptionists answering your calls in you company name.

What others say about us

John Butler - ABC Plumbing

Love this service!

John Butler - ABC PlumbingPlumber
Tahnee Vandana

It’s the perfect when I need to give 100% focus to a deadline or project. The service is helpful and fits perfectly into my business life.

Tahnee VandanaDesigner
Maxi Milli

I work crazy hours, so instead of turning my phone off, it goes to my PA service and I get to the urgent matters.

Maxi MilliCEO
Dr. Dosist

Great service you have guys!

Dr. DosistCEO